Leading Virtual Teams

You want to be a better virtual leader in 2020. You want to be sure your remote team members are supported and engaged in their work, without the overwhelm of too much communication and too many meetings on the calendar.

But where can you get the skills and confidence you need to improve your leadership?


This is where Leading Virtual Teams comes in.

Amanda helps online leaders strengthen their leadership skills so they feel confident leading their teams remotely and know how to keep their teams engaged and high-performing, without burning out.

This course was made for anyone who is leading a remote team, no matter how many years of leadership experience you have. 

Does any of this sound like you?

 You miss the face-to-face interactions with your team members and worry that when working remotely they are no longer motivated or focused on their work.


 You miss the casual interactions of meeting with colleagues and your team around the coffee machine and find yourself feeling disconnected and stuck behind a computer screen.


 You want to be supportive of your team and check if they are doing okay, but you are struggling to balance your own emotional well-being and work-life obligations.

  You want to have open communication and be available to your team, but you feel like you suddenly have so many meetings in your calendar that you don’t know how you could possibly find the time.


You feel like your work day never ends and that somehow you are working longer hours than when in the office.


  You have so much more work to do now and have no idea how to find the time you need to get it all done.

You want to be a great virtual leader and you know that on a good day you have what it takes to bring out the best in your team. But you are feeling overwhelmed by all the new technology and communication methods. There are so many questions – is my team engaged, are they okay, am I checking in with them too much – or not enough?

But imagine feeling confident in your virtual leadership abilities, gaining your team’s trust, and setting up super effective communication channels (that don’t lead to burnout!) so your team feels supported and motivated to stay engaged in their work.

What if this was you:

  • Feeling confident that you can lead your teams from a distance
  • Knowing your team has what they need to work productively – without worrying whether or not they are okay
  • Empowering your team to stay engaged and motivated in their work
  • Establishing effective communication channels and techniques to stay connected with your team and build up team spirit
  • Setting up clear boundaries so that everyone gets their work done without burning out
  • Building up a virtual team culture with the whole team holding each other accountable for the work that needs to be done

Welcome to Leading Virtual Teams 

A straightforward, easy-to-navigate online course that tackles the everyday business challenges faced by virtual teams around the globe and empowers leaders, like you, to work effectively with your team, without burning out.

How we’ll help you become a great virtual leader 

Module 1: Building Empathy

  • Increase the safety and trust in your team
  • Recognize the emotional impact of your decisions and actions
  • Show your team you value them as highly as results

Module 2: Creating a Virtual Team Culture

  • Create a feeling of community within their team
  • Build shared identity and collaboration towards common goals
  • Increase accountability of team members to their part of the business

Module 3: Effective Communications

  • Stop second guessing – know exactly when and how to communicate with your team
  • Establish processes for more effective team and 1:1 communications

Module 4: Building Resilience

  • Have clear best practices for recharging your energy
  • Ensure your mental, physical, and emotional well-being while leading
  • Find strength to support your team to tackle challenges they may face

BONUS: Leading in a Crisis – In this bonus module you will:

** Learn best practices for leading during a crisis **

** Learn how to communicate better with your team **

** Help your team feel supported and empowered**

Leading Virtual Teams includes:

  • 4 Easy-to-follow modules that teach you the exact skills you need to be a good virtual leader
  • 1 Bonus module to help you lead your team during a crisis
  • 8 Concise videos delivering content that helps you to build your confidence & skill as a leader
  • 8 Customized workbooks designed specifically to deepen your learning around each leadership principle you learn, and to give you plenty of exercises to start practicing your new skills today. 
  • Exclusive access to The Courage Factory’s Online Leaders Community to get the support you need from peers and experts to improve your virtual leadership today

What You Will Achieve

Build Confidence

You will know what skills and tools you can use to tackle your virtual biggest leadership challenges.

Increase Engagement

Your team will be highly engaged and motivated to get their work done.

Team Building

Empower your team to hold themselves and each other accountable for the work they are responsible for, and build team spirit at the same time.

Team Support

You will know exactly how you can support your team and when you need to step in. You’ll also help them know when and how to ask for your help.

Set Boundaries

Understand what boundaries need to be established and how to do it, and support your team to do the same.

Avoid Burnout

Get your work done without the overwhelm and burning out.

Build Trust

Gain the trust of your team and build their confidence in you and each other to keep working together towards your goals.


This one-of-a-kind course is centered on one thing: helping YOU be a great virtual leader so that your team loves showing up for work every day.


Amanda is a certified Online Leadership Coach with nearly 15 years of experience in Leadership Development, Coaching, and Project Management, She has designed and delivered leadership development programs across the globe with high-performing, well-known companies and UN organizations – to help their leaders go from feeling insecure about being a good online leader to leading with confidence, courage, and purpose.


After working with hundreds of leaders across the globe to improve their virtual leadership, Amanda has designed this course to solve your biggest virtual leadership challenges and lay out clear, actionable strategies for you to develop into a great virtual leader.

Start Leading Virtual Teams Today!

You can get a rock-solid foundation for your virtual leadership TODAY by taking Leading Virtual Teams.

Let’s get your virtual leadership to the next level.

Amanda has a knack for asking really powerful questions that lead you to your own solutions. What I’ve found from my time with Amanda is, she helps me see that I already know the answer to some of my biggest challenges. She’s gifted at what she does. Five stars.

Brand Coach, New York

Amanda offers a toolbox of skills that help identify and unblock self-limiting set of beliefs. Her natural curiosity, her engaging warmth and her abundant enthusiasm make her a great coach to work with. I would highly recommend her.


Hi, I’m Amanda.

I understand what it’s like to be suddenly faced with the responsibility of leading a team remotely. For nearly 15 years I have successfully worked with globally diverse & dispersed teams.

Through a combination of coaching with my executive clients, trial and error, and learning from world-class experts I’ve pulled together a course to help support leaders who are taking on this daunting task, to enable them to lead their teams effectively towards common business objectives.

You are a capable professional who has dedicated time and energy to being a great leader – and are suddenly faced with the challenge of being a great leader – remotely.

I’ve created Leading Virtual Teams to help online leaders, like you, know which skills and tools you can use to tackle your biggest leadership challenges.

This program has been delivered to hundreds of leaders as a live audience as well as in a virtual masterclass format. It is now being delivered to you, in the comfort of your own home to be completed at your own pace – as and when you need it.

You will have all of the knowledge and tools you need to start working effectively with your team and build team spirit, regardless of whether your team members are located across the globe, or sitting across the same city.

Amanda holds certifications and degrees from these leading institutions.

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Executive MBA

Certificate in Change Leadership

I was struck by your powerful leadership and ability to hold space + bring people forward. You have great mastery Amanda. I know all who you support are touched by your gift.

San Francisco

Coaching with Amanda was a blast. I had not expected to get so much value out of only one session. Amanda’s structured and very professional style, her smart way of asking just the right questions and seeing connections where I myself was blocked, helped me tons. I would always recommend it!

Consultant, Berlin